Bluetooth Speaker Wild Mini MW-PVXI Green


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Super portable:

You might be a fan of climbing, hiking, summer pool parties, lazy picnics and afternoon barbecues. Or maybe your idea of relaxation is listening to music while tending the garden. The MUZEN Sauvage Mini Bluetooth speaker is the perfect speaker for all these activities. You can take the Sauvage Mini to a festival, on a hike or with you in the canoe. We can send you a strap, you can attach it to almost anything, allowing you to carry the sound with you wherever you are.

Designed for the outdoors:This portable Bluetooth speaker is designed for the outdoor type. Whether you spend your free time at the park, pool, backyard or in your garden holding the grill, this speaker is for you! Highly portable, this rugged speaker is the perfect travel companion for all your outdoor excursions.

IPX5 étance:We know that accidents happen sometimes. Don’t let this inevitability stop the music and ruin your speaker. If you plan to be near, water, play it safe with a speaker designed to survive almost anything. Drop this Bluetooth speaker in the pool or take it to the desert without fear, because this design is built to withstand huge amounts of water.

Seriously Bluetooth 5.0:Connects to Bluetooth devices in less than 5 seconds and easily controls song tracks and volume on the speaker.

Ultra-portable and rugged structure:

Designed to be comfortable to carry without square edges, so much better for travel and hiking, super light and easy to insert or attach to your bag or backpack.

Three lamp modes :With 3 light modes including High, Low and SOS Flashlight, it helps you stay safe on the dark forest trails and guide you to the camp.

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